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Gnome Cafe

November 24, 2015

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The Gnome Cafe is the newest coffee shop in Charleston. It is no normal coffee shop though. The Gnome has an entire plant based menu. Charleston is moving towards a healthier lifestyle when it comes to food to ride along side the traditional fried chicken and shrimp & grits we are used to. A variety of drink options + incredible salads + a whole refrigerator full of “on the go” food that is good for you!

This Gnome is owned by local florist, Sara York Grimshaw. Her first entrepreneurial venture was her extremely beautiful flower shop, SYG Designs which is just a few doors down from the cafe.

This bright, white, clean, fresh cafe is full of greens from the flower shop and is always staffed with the nicest people. I have a feeling this is going to be my new spot.

Shake Shack

October 22, 2015


New York City is known for f o o d .

Shake Shack is a staple of the city and was honestly one of the highlights of my weekend. I wish I could order it and a juicy burger and perfectly fried fries would show up in front of me right now. Someone should get on that invention. K great.

vintage coffee cafe

October 10, 2015




Coffee shops are definitely in my top five. I love the atmosphere. I love watching the people inside interact. I love coffee. Vintage Coffee Cafe is the newest coffee shop in the Charleston area. It’s light, bright and beautiful.

I want to have a shelf garden just like this one day.